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Provide the best in AFFORDABLE security solutions without the sales pitch

Our security assessments use a “defense in depth” planning process to help develop the security profile and the security plan. Defense in depth security requires an intruder to breach several perimeters before they can actually threaten or enter the business or residence. Each zone will have a border which must be crossed to get into a lower zone. Items creating the border of each zone can either be psychological such as indicators of difficulty, deceptive such as lack of indicators of valuables, or physical such as higher security locks, strengthened doors, or locked and shatter resistant windows.

One of the key principles of the defense in depth idea is requiring the potential intruder to spend increased time entering or working inside the premises, and risking greater exposure and chance of apprehension or identification.

Assessments Include:

We strive to conduct professional security assessments and solutions to small businesses and residential customers which were previously unavailable or not cost effective. Mountain Wolf Security Consulting does not sell security systems or services, so the customer receives an unbiased assessment of their true needs based on cost effectiveness.

  • Small Business
  • Current Homeowner/ residential
  • Government contracting and subcontracting
  • Move in/ Pre-buy assessments
  • Apartments
  • Pre-construction assessments and plan modifications
  • Targeted security solutions to address specific security concerns
  • Safe area and incident plan review
  • Incident reaction assessments
  • Cyber security and home networking assessment
  • Identity theft prevention
  • Security solutions in order of affordability and effectiveness
  • Full explanations of the importance of each point assessed and its effect on security
  • Business assessments include review of specific regulatory security requirements under federal and state law for specific types of business
  • 165 specific areas and items inspected and reviewed.
  • Property description along with specific security concerns.
  • Neighborhood crime statistics including law enforcement response times and past criminal incidents.
  • Outdoor property assessment including landscaping, roofline, possible weak points, and indicators which might tempt an intruder.
  • Assessment of locking mechanisms and points of entry.
  • Interior inspection including alarms, lockboxes, and storage of valuables.